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Air Security has been an important issue for over 40 years now. Today, after 9/11, it's right in the centre of focus of any air traveller and airline. The imminent, clear and present threat in terrorist attacks and kidnap as well as extortion is a main concern, but other issues such as general crime, baggage theft, smuggling and others cannot be ignored either. Air security, aircraft security including air marshals and airport security are of paramount importance to the travel industry.

The need for such services has sharply risen. Travellers are more and more asking and thinking about security. Small airlines usually do not have the financial backup to employ a constant separate security system. On the other hand, in the event of a terrorist or kidnap incident, the reputation and business of a small airline will be damaged severely. The other end of the equation is that good security is an important asset and a plus when selling tickets. This applies even more when the core business is executive and business travel. In today's world, business travellers are at a particularly high risk when travelling abroad.

The Brillstein Air Security Concept has been developed by Arik Brillstein, based on the El-Al security concept it drastically improves air security and can include each step from passenger security and monitoring, baggage security, airport and aircraft security. Secure transport of baggage and passengers door-to-door, close protection, travel security management and corporate security management - all from one single supplier. This tightens the security and ensures that no loophole will be left open. 

We offer security and personal safety training to cabin crew, as well as a complete study and training program for travel security specialist, Professional Air Security Officer.

Our top-notch counsellors will assist airline carriers, air transport and air taxi companies in order to develop a full security concept. Our full-service program is extremely cost-effective. We also offer a security test and penetration program, security audits and any other security service needed. Please view the list of the services we offer.

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