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Founded in the mid-80's by intelligence expert Arik Brillstein and his team of protection and counter-terror specialists. Travel security management has become a core business early on. Since about 1990, Brillstein Security offers top-notch security study and training courses to train elite in private international security.  PASO (Professional Air Security Officer) is a unique course designed to train security operators on the highest level of private security.

Unfortunately, many executives, managers and private individual regard security as a luxury services, too expensive. This is a wrong idea. Security is the main concern today as regards international travel. The risks are manifold. To ignore the security issue may VERY well be the last mistake a person makes. Our travel management concept "TravelSafe" is a very cost-effective tool to achieve a top level of security for a fee a low as only 75 US-Dollars per trip and person! Thus, there is really NO reason why any should dispense with a top-notch security net in place!

TravelSafe is a complete system of security measures, from counsel and preventive measures to even an elite rescue team on stand-by, 365/24/ support system, secure communication, travel monitor service an many other options.

Brillstein Security additionally offer a full corporate travel management program in order to simply the travel projects and reduce overall expenses.

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Travel Safety - Crime Prevention - Crisis Intervention - Protection

TravelSafe - Travel Security Management

It's probably safe to say that still most traveller reach their destination and back home without any major incident. But what if...? The wise man books insurance before he gets sick or buckles his belt when driving a car BEFORE the accident happens. That only makes sense, right? Travel Security Management such as the TravelSafe concept is exactly that. A prevention BEFORE anything happens. Crime, accidents, illness, uprising, disasters of all kind, war, terrorist activities including kidnapping - all these do happen, every day at some place or other on this world.

it is WRONG to live in fear - it's also wrong to simply IGNORE the dangers. The right thing is to prepare for the worst and THEN sit back and relax and enjoy the trip. Once you know you have taken the necessary steps to prepare for any incident you can put the problem out of your mind. Should anything happen, you'll be prepared. TravelSafe is all you'll ever need in terms of travel security preparation. It's inexpensive and cost-effective, it encompasses everything you will need to make you trip safe. Please read on...

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