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Complete Travel Security Management System

  • Planning and counsel - you won't travel unprepared, online information system at your disposal

  • Full info on your target destination

  • Personal and private security concept

  • corporation travel management

  • full update on daily risk development and all pertinent security information

  • complete travel security - all services at hand you will ever need

  • 365/24/ support - online, phone and dedicated security counsellor

  • secure online travel monitor and communications system

  • full-service risk assessment and crime prevention

  • Elite Security Teams at your disposal to solve any crisis situation or emergency

  • we provide for ALL services you may need

  • highly cost-effective

  • fully customizable to your needs

  • international security network at your disposal

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TravelSafe - cost-effective travel security management with complete range of all necessary services

Travel Security is both important AND available in a highly efficient and cost-effective system - TravelSafe. Unlike other suppliers, Brillstein Security offers the complete range of services from one hand. All you need is TravelSafe. We offer you a total protection from as little as 75 USD per trip and person! It is a wise decision to buy travel and health insurance BEFORE any emergency occurs, just like you would buckle your seat-belts before an accident happens. It only makes sense...  It's just the same idea with travel security you need to prepare BEFORE you start travelling. TravelSafe is inexpensive, thus cost-effective and offers you a full range of high-end professional services.

Brillstein Security is a top-notch provider of various protective services, with an active network in about 50 countries worldwide, with some 500 partners. We offer counsel, security services and crisis intervention, both for private individuals and corporates of all shapes and sizes. TravelSafe also gives you access to country and political up-to-date analysis and information, a travel monitoring online interface, which enhances security and functions as a secure communication platform and a life-line between the traveller, the company and even the traveller's family. In addition, a dedicated Brillstein Security operator can serve as a monitor/supervisor in order to be able to respond to any crisis or problem at the earliest possible moment. The company will thus be able to influence and monitor the success of the business trip at all times.

Our operators are available 364/24/7; we will inform the traveller and the company on any developments that may influence the success of the trip. Vital information such as security news, weather reports or any other relevant data will be forwarded during the trip to both the traveller and the company. Both sides will thus be able to make appropriate decisions and rely on the Brillstein operator to assist whenever the need arises.

The Brillstein elite rescue and protection teams are on stand-by at all times. Should the need arise, the traveller will receive professional help in ANY case of crisis or emergency, our teams can deploy in under 24 hours and will come to the rescue anywhere in the world. In order to make the trip even more secure, relaxed and enjoyable - which will also contribute to the success of the trip, as the traveller will be much more at ease - we supply a professional training and counselling package to the traveller before the trip. This will aid in crime prevention and preparation for any case of emergency.

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