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Brillstein Security Services - Transportation, Tourism, Trucking, Train, Hotels, Theme Parks

It is no secret at all that in transportation and tourism business there are a number of high risks involved. Crime and terrorism target these industries all over the world, facilities, cargo, baggage and persons alike. Security measures are of extreme importance. This is a sad fact and cannot not be ignored.

In order to enhance security in all these fields, the individual should even start at home with personal security measures. While tourists are away on vacation, their homes are target of criminal. During the trip itself, there are a number of risks. And even at their destination, the tourists are almost automatically potential targets of both criminals and terrorists. We all know these facts, it can't be denied. OF COURSE not all tourists become actual victims of such crimes. This, however, does not mean that they CAN'T. It is unwise to live in fear, but it is also wrong to ignore the dangers. The right way is to apply personal safety and crime prevention measures and THEN relax and enjoy the vacation.

Tourist resorts attract criminals from all over the world, including local ones. With more and more such resorts in unsafe countries, the danger rises every day. Kidnapping is a thriving industry worldwide. Crime, however, is only ONE source of danger. Natural and man-made disasters can and actually DO happen frequently and climate change will cause many more per year than we have been used to.

The transportation business also has its own kind of risks. Theft, smuggling, accidents, loss, terrorist and criminal threats, environmental issues. Transportation businesses all over the world are potential or even actual targets. As they are being considered "soft targets", for the lack of professional and systematic security, the also are easy targets. More transportation businesses simply HAVE to face the daily threats and incidents and deal with it in some way or other than some years back. But the need for competent counsel and systematic approaches, for protection services and monitoring concepts is constantly growing. Even such companies with existing security in place need regular security audits and penetration tests. This should be done by external security experts, not by the in-house security people, as it is no secret that the security staff are liable to be lenient on themselves, unwilling to discover their own weaknesses and mistakes.

Brillstein Security offer the complete range of high-end services, from consulting to risk assessment, prevention and personal safety training, developing security plans, putting them in action and professional security audits and penetration tests.

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