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Piracy is as old as seafaring itself. Piracy has existed long before the ancient Greek or Romans. As a matter of fact: piracy is a thriving and growing industry. While in the US or Europe, the days of Francis Drake or Captain Morgan have gone the way of the buggy whip, in other cultures and countries, just like kidnap, piracy is on the up, closely tied to terrorist and organized crime networks. Theft of private yachts also is become more and more "popular". 

These crimes terrorize whole regions around between Arabia, Africa and Indonesia, the Caribbean and other regions of the world. Even government officials, police and military are in some cases involved in piracy. The most recent attacks around the Somali coast may imply that the problem is a new one, but with more Westerners travelling internationally, more Westerners become victim and media covered is more extensive than before. Overall, piracy is sharply rising and with too many Westerners ignoring this danger, more and more yachts and ships will be attacked. Somali, Yemeni, East Asian and East African pirates have been roaming the seas for many centuries. It is a veritable and traditional business to these cultures.

But not only ships are targets of these kind of criminals, also ports all over the world, as smuggling becomes much easier with corrupt port staff on board of the team and terrorists try to infiltrate ports for their own heinous crimes, all over the world, all the time. Harbours are large, static targets, difficult to protect and thus easy to attack.

Piracy is neither God-given, nor inevitable. Both commercial freighters or private yachts or cruise ships CAN be protected, as well as port facilities. But it is necessary to apply certain security concepts in order to achieve security. Brillstein Security can counsel the client in all matters of maritime security, conduct risk assessment, develop security plan, run security audits and penetration tests and offer protection all across the board. We also specialize in crisis intervention, emergency extraction or recovery of assets, stolen yachts or cargo. Please also consult our pages on our new maritime security training program at , the ERT Maritime Security Teams and our Maritime Security Concept.

As of May 2009, our top-notch international maritime security teams also operate out of Kenya for on-board security and/or escort ships.

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